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Gene lists

Set of 534 probes designed for the Sequence Capture experiments in Gossypium hirsutum accessions spanning the wild-to-domesticated continuum and described using BLAST X alignment against the GENBANK and TAIR9 cDNA sequence databases. These “genes” were selected by cross-tabulating results:
  1. from expression analyses of the fiber transcriptomes between domesticated A-genome and F-genome (Hovav et al. 2008); domesticated (Pima S6) vs. wild (K101) G. barbadense (Chaudhary et al. 2008); and domesticated (TM1) vs. wild (Tx2094) G. hirsutum (Rapp et al., in revision),
  2. genes from gene families implicated in cotton fiber development from the literature, and
  3. lists of genes involved in trichome development and endoreduplication in Arabidopsis, and
  4. sequences mapped on the cotton genomes or originating from BACs. We added in this list of genes of interest some known or putative Transcription Factors, from the MYB, the TCP, and the WRKY gene families.

The set of 534 probes is available for download in XLS and XLSX Excel spreadsheet formats.

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