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Professional Development

  • Iowa State University Teacher Internship in Plant Genomics: This is a seven week summer internship program for high school biology teachers with a residential option at no cost. The first week of the internship is a training period during which time the teachers are taught the basic molecular biology and biotechnology theories and lab techniques and are given an overview of learning theory for grades 9-12. The following six weeks are spent in a plant genomics research lab where the teacher interns work on a small project under the supervision of their faculty mentor. Once a week the interns meet with master teachers, faculty and staff for discussion on the translation of the research experience into a classroom activity. The goals of this program are: (1) To provide interns with a background in the design, methods, and analysis of research associated with plant genomics and biotechnology; (2) To introduce interns to the value of scientific inquiry in the context of plant genomics. More specific goals include: (1) To provide high school teachers with the opportunity to share with their students the latest developments in plant genomics and biotechnology and inspire their students with a desire to learn more about science and the scientific career path; (2) To provide high school teachers with state-of-the-art continuing education in modern plant genome science and research.

  • Iowa State University Office of Biotechnology Summer Workshops

Research Experiences in Plant Genomics and Biotechnology (RET)
             … focus on participants

RET participant teacher, Rebecca (Becki) Steinlage, joined the Wendel lab this summer.

In the photo on the right, Becki is preparing leaf clearings that will be examined using advanced microscopic techniques. From this she will be able to determine the impact of polyploidy, as well as the impact of hybridization, on cell size.


In the photo on the right, Becki is performing a preliminary quality check of the leaf clearing slide prior to imaging with light microscopy. Detailed, accurate measurements of cell size differences in various species of cotton will be taken and used to determine the effect of polyploidy on cell size.


In the photo on the right, the techniques of gel electrophoresis, typically used for separating proteins or small nucleic acids, are learned and applied in the laboratory setting with the guidance of a graduate student mentor.


     The group photo shows all teachers who participated in our Summer Institute for Science Teachers at ISU. Seven were supported by this grant.

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