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Teacher-Scientist Partnerships

Iowa State University:

Research opportunities in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Genomics
Iowa State University Plant Genome Outreach:
Iowa State University Office of Biotechnology:
Plant Genome Databases based at Iowa State University:

Plans for the future at Iowa State: Mentoring programs for local high school students interested in conducting research in plant genomics.

Brigham Young University:

Brigham Young University’s Evolution Technologies and Education Research Project (BETER)

To advance the understanding of evolution technologies, Brigham Young University College of Life Sciences through the Departments of Plant and Wildlife Sciences (Dr. Josh Udall) and Biology (Dr. Nikki Hanegan) offer semi-annual teacher training to practicing biology teachers and teacher candidates in plant genomics, bioinformatics and biotechnology. In the past 2 years Dr. Hanegan has provided 100 hours of teacher training to 20 teachers in school districts in Utah and Louisiana. Our services provide teachers with mentored research experiences, continuing education credits, equipment loans and undergraduate biology student high school classroom teacher support. Through collaboration with cooperating teachers and districts, education research is conducted to track teacher content knowledge improvement, student content knowledge improvement, and student motivation in applied evolution technologies such as genomics and bioinformatics. More information about the products developed from these services will soon be available at the following links.

Professional development for Biotechnology in Education (coming soon ... stay tuned)

Biotechnology Education Research (coming soon ... stay tuned)

University of Georgia:

Training of 1-3 GA teachers per year under the 'Georgia Intern Fellowships for Teachers' (GIFT) program (, who participate in our range of activities and develop middle-high school lesson plans that integrate theory and practice of modern genomics with subjects of interest. Recent examples have included "Indiana Jones and the Lost Urn of Brassica", and "Sorghum: The Choice of a New Generation".

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